Lamb of God
Delivered By
Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Melton
Delivered On
January 8, 2023
Central Passage
John 1: 29-42

When John the Baptist points to Jesus along the river Jordan, he says, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world." But, how? How does the sacrifice of one man erase billions of sins by billions of people? We don't know how, any more than we know how a butterfly can travel 4,000 miles to find home or how whales can hear other whales from 10,000 miles away. But that’s the mystery of life.

And the mystery of Jesus is the more we believe in Him, and the more we follow Him, and the more we mimic Him, the more we discover a Divine love which is so deep and so wide, that although that love can be denied it cannot be killed. That loving sacrifice opens the door to eternity.