What to Expect

Big Spring is a small church in the historic village of Newville, PA. We will gladly welcome you as you join us for life's journey whether just for a day or as a member of our fellowship.

The sanctuary reaches for the sky. Inside you will find a beautiful red roof and an historic mural: "Vision of the Enthroned Lord," painted by Tobin Sears in 1938 in memory of a young woman who died too young. Her image can be seen in the mural.

We are a friendly gathering which is open to all. We offer an "open" Communion. You do not need to be a member of the church to partake. You need only a hunger for God.

Adjacent to our church is a beautiful cemetery.

Among the peaceful residents you will find the tombstone of Colonel William Denning, an active force in the Revolutionary War: Learn More Here About Colonel Denning

William Denning made a significant contribution to the American cause during the Revolutionary War, by creating desperately needed artillery using an unusual welding process. A blacksmith by trade, he was stationed at Washingtonburg (now Carlisle Barracks) and he welded cannons sometime between 1778 and 1780. His efforts were recognized posthumously, first in 1889 when the Pennsylvania legislature approved the sum of $1000 to create a larger, more ornate stone to mark his grave at Big Spring Presbyterian Church in Newville. And again in the early 1930s when his name was proposed for a new state recreation area being created, near Doubling Gap, that eventually became known as Colonel Denning State Park.