Bubba's Barbeque
Delivered By
Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Melton
Delivered On
August 20, 2023
Central Passage
Acts 15:1-11
Bubba's Barbeque

We know God does not make a distinction between the good and the bad, or else we wouldn’t be here.  Whether a Christian is on death row in prison or a Presbyterian sitting in a pew at Big Spring Presbyterian, we may differ in our disobedience and disposition. We may differ in our sin, in the kind of sins we commit or in the degree by which we commit them, but you and I and the person down the pew have one blessed thing in common, we are saved by the grace of God alone and by nothing else. None at all. We are like the patrons of Bubba’s Barbecue – where you find all kinds of people from all kinds of places.