Delivered By
Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Melton
Delivered On
March 8, 2023
Central Passage
John 3: 1-21

One of the biggest problems facing evangelism is we cannot prove our faith like we can prove the law of gravity. Yet, that doesn't mean God is not real and there are no proofs for faith. All of the most important things in life are subjective - love, art, joy, imagination, and inventiveness. They are real even though they cannot be proven by science.

C.S. Lewis once said: “Creatures are not born with desires unless satisfaction for those desires exists.”

We get thirsty because our body needs water.

We get hungry because our body needs food.

We have ears because sound is real.

We have eyes because there are things in the world to see.

We have taste buds because our body has evolved to show us what foods we should eat and what foods we should avoid.

So, likewise, we have a “God-shaped vacuum” because our soul knows there is a God out there who can fill it.

Faith is the desire to seek the God our soul tells us is real.